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We love wine!

In fact we love wine so much that for us it is simply not enough to offer you with a just a random wine, we provide you with wines that tells you story - It might be the history of the wine. Or it might be the terroir of the wine. It could also be the grape. It could simply also be the story of the producers of the wine.

So if you love wine too, or if you are curious about the wines we love, then you have come to the right place.   


About Us

Klems Vinhus is small scale importer of wines operating in the Norwegian wine market. The portefolio is international with a strong focus on European wines. All our wines are available for sale at the stores of A/S Vinmonopolet.

Our producers and partners

Listed below you will find the increasing range of our producers and partners


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Domaine Hatzimichalis

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Massimo Rattalino

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Jenkyn Place

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Some of Our wines, wineries, contacts, winefriends and events.

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